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Tina & Silke


Superpowers: Talking Fast; Humor; Gesturing wildly

Arch Nemeses: Corn; Silence

Mode of Getaway: Climbing

Irrational fears: Flying; Bugs


Superpowers: Remaining calm; Ironing

Mode of Getaway: Running

Aliases: American names given to store dressing room attendants

The Story:

This New York City power couple has spent much of their time together moving within a 1 square mile radius. Hailing from New York, for better or worse, Tina inherently introduces a little bit of Woody Allen into any situation she encounters. Originally from Germany, Silke is the voice of reason among all their ventures.

Whether they're climbing cliffs, travelling the world, or just hiking to a restaurant downtown they are always embarking on a new experience.

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