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Tasha & Mel


Superpowers: Sewing; Knitting; DIYing

Nemesis: Hairdo-destroying wind and weather

Weakness: Vintage coats

Undisguisable Trait: Bright red hair

Superhero Alias: Bygumbygolly


Superpowers: Painting; Drawing; Finding oddities

Nemesis: Chatty commuters

Weaknesses: Vintage finds; Devilled eggs

Signature accessory: Vintage tie


These Chicagoland natives run their artistic superhero empire from a mid-century ranch packed with vintage finds.

When not whipping up a flawless garment from a vintage pattern, creating confetti lucite jewels, or kntting a jaw dropping masterpiece, Tasha can be found blogging about all of the above at

From sketching, to painting and collage, Mel's artistic prowess knows no bounds. An avid treasure hunter in the bowels of vintage shops, Mel has no shortage of amazing material to draw from.

Follow the adventures of these regular people superheros on instagram @bygumbygolly and @melmakesart

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