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Sophie & Rob


Superpower: Teaching even the most uncoordinated to jive

Arch nemesis: White cat hair

Secret weapon: Hand sanitizer


Superpower: Jive lead demonstrator extraordinaire

Cloaking shield: Perfectly pressed turn ups on his Levi's

Getaway: Mini Cooper


This international power couple has crossed land masses and the Atlantic to settle in the great city of Chicago. Sophie is the founder, owner and operator of Miss Wolff's Jiving School. If you aren't fortunate enough to catch an in person dance lesson in town or at Viva Las Vegas, do yourself a favor and grab a DVD to learn at home at

When not working tirelessly to ensure the world's dance floors are free from sad moves, these two can be found gazing out at Lake Michigan listening to classic ska, reggae, Northern Soul and Oi with their feline sidekicks Bianca Barbarella and Charles D'Agostino.

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