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Valerie & Dugan


Superpower: Story-telling

Arch nemesis: Gluten

Cloaking Ability: She can seemingly grow her hair multiple inches overnight

Transformative power: Turning panic into hilarity


Superpowers: Fixing anything; Reaching things high up

Kryptonite: Cats puking hairballs

Cloaking Ability: Blending in with the red beard sect

Mode of Transport: Flying the friendly skies on miles


While currently located within the limits of the great city of Chicago, this power couple is soon headed back east to the cheers of Philadelphians and the dismay of the Midwest.

Valerie, a multiple Moth-winning maven who can light up a room with her tales, can just as easily help you fulfill your needs for an app, run a marathon, or ensure an awkward holiday party is instantly less awkward! Check out her site and follow her antics on Instagram

Dugan is an accomplished comedian and jack of all trades who has enough air miles to fly to the moon. If you need a pop culture reference or someone to diagnose what's wrong with anything from your phone to your house, he's your man! Follow him on Twitter and instagram to learn more!

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