Jen & Astro

(Self portrait of the artist)


Superpowers: Bobbing and weaving through crowds; Klutziness; Naming that song from the 80s

Nemeses: Snakes; Things put on high shelves

Secret weapons: Sarcasm; Hairspray

Sidekicks: Astro the dog and a spangly purse


Superpowers: Over-reacting; Running like a lunatic

Nemeses: Squirrels; Strangers

Center of his universe: Provolone

Space capsule: His crate


Originating from New York, a stint in Vermont yielded Jen's sidekick Astro where they then blasted off and landed in Chicago. Never far apart from each other she can often be heard uttering the words "don't eat that", "don't bark at the old lady" and "must you jump up every tree?" as they roam their north side neighborhood.

When not walking around, Jen can usually be found tripping over invisible cracks in the sidewalk or bumping her head on something she didn't see. In addition to writing, cocktailing, and consuming chocolate, Jen is on a never ending quest for amazing vintage and repro dresses to fully transform her look into the love child of Lucille Ball and Cyndi Lauper with a little bit of Benatar attitude.

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