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Jen LiMarzi grew up in New York City's northern suburbs or, as she likes to call it, purgatory where one exists in an odd state that is not quite country and not quite city.

An only child, her imagination was allowed to run wild and it often did, as she grew up thinking musk was made from ant sweat, a spare family lived in the electrical panel, and cylons lived in the linen closet.

When she realized her life goal of growing up to be Debbie Harry or Cyndi Lauper would likely not pan out, she escaped to the University of Rochester. Educated in English, Biology, and the finer points of coffee and beer she graduated and headed back down to metropolis to embark on a career. 

Today Jen is an experienced writer, editor and storyteller within the medical communications industry. At her core, she is a humor writer translating day-to-day observations and nostalgia into entertaining essays.


After a decade of living in Sunnyside, Queens she headed north to Winooski, Vermont for 5 years.  Realizing she was living in an episode of the Newhart Show, she gleefully relocated to Chicago where she currently resides with her husband Eric, and a neurotic dog named Astro. 

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